Pastor David Lin Revival Conference


Pastor David Lin will come to New Life to ignite the Spirit’s fire in us again this year! If you have gotten off to a slow start thus far in 2014, come and drink from the fountain of the Spirit with us. The water Jesus gives is more refreshing than any energy drink, and it will quench the thirst in your soul. Or if you are fighting that back pain, chronic headache, or other illnesses, come and receive the healing touch of God. He desires to restore your health, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. We welcome you and your family to join us in this feast in the Father’s house.

Meetings starts at 6pm on Thursday, Jan. 16 and at 5pm on Sunday, Jan. 19. More details please see the attached flyer (thank you Andrew for the design!). Please use this to invite your friends and family to join us!



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