09/23/16 特會-晚場


09/23/16 特會-午場


09/23/16 特會-早場


Pastor David Lin Revival Conference


Pastor David Lin will come to New Life to ignite the Spirit’s fire in us again this year! If you have gotten off to a slow start thus far in 2014, come and drink from the fountain of the Spirit with us. The water Jesus gives is more refreshing than any energy drink, and it will quench the thirst in your soul. Or if you are fighting that back pain, chronic headache, or other illnesses, come and receive the healing touch of God. He desires to restore your health, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. We welcome you and your family to join us in this feast in the Father’s house.

Meetings starts at 6pm on Thursday, Jan. 16 and at 5pm on Sunday, Jan. 19. More details please see the attached flyer (thank you Andrew for the design!). Please use this to invite your friends and family to join us!



Message from Dr. David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah says goto http://www.afaaction.net from American Family Association on Vimeo.

Pray for Hindus 為印度教徒禱告!

Last month the Director of YWAM Frontier Missions South Asia, Cindy Anderson, came and shared their ministries. Many of us responded to pray with them. Starting Tuesday (10/16) was the Hindu festival of Navratri. This festival will last for nine nights and Christians are encouraged to pray for the believers of Hinduism during this festival of heightened spiritual activities. Pray that they will be shown the gospel truth and the salvation through Jesus Christ and be freed from darkness and spiritual oppression. Here is a prayer guide teaching Christians how to pray during the Navratri festival period: Prayer Guide (click to download). Let’s intercede together for our brothers and sisters still in Hinduism!

上個月青年使命團的南亞宣教前線的負責人 Cindy Anderson 來分享他們的事工異象,許多弟兄姊妹回應她的呼召來與他們一起代禱。這個星期二 (10/16) 開始是印度教的九夜節 (Navratri) ,顧名思義,這個宗教節慶持續九個晚上;而基督徒則可以在這個節期當中為印度教徒來代禱。禱告讓他們能領受福音真理和從耶穌基督來的救恩,並從黑暗權勢的壓制下得自由。這裡有一份教導基督徒如何在九夜節期間代禱的指南:代禱指南 (抱歉只有英文的,請點擊下載) 。讓我們一起來為這些還在印度教裡面的弟兄姊妹們禱告吧!

We now accept online donation!

Aloha!  New Life ICF is now able to accept donation on our website!  For those who are out of the State and still would like to give their monthly tithes or send in their offerings, this feature should make it easier to do so.  The “Donate” button is located at the bottom right hand corner of our website; or you can simply click on the image below.  You can use your credit card to make donation online, or you may use a PayPal account if you have one.   Thanks to Christine and her friend Colleen for setting up the PayPal account for our church!

Revival Conference with Pastor David Lin on June 28, 30, & July 1

We are delighted to announce that Pastor David Lin is coming back to Hawaii to minster at New Life ICF once again on  June 28th (Thursday), 30th (Saturday), and July 1st (Sunday)!  Many of our brothers and sisters have been blessed by Pastor David Lin this January, and lives were transformed, bodies healed.  As Pastor David said himself, it’s not his doing, but it’s Jesus doing these signs and wonders with him.  So if you desire to experience breakthrough in your life and ministries, come to the revival meetings with Pastor David Lin, and invite your friends and family to come.  Here is a flyer that you can use to tell people about the event and the speaker.

We’re on iTunes Podcast!

現在你可以在 iTunes 播客 (Podcast) 上免費收聽或下載每週日的講台信息了!你可以點選下面的圖像或在 iTunes Store 裡用關鍵字如”新生命教會”搜尋。

You can now listen to or download our weekly Sunday messages on iTunes Podcast, for free! You can click on the icon below or simply search for us from the iTunes Store using keyword such as “new life icf”.

Easter Baptism, Celebration Service, & Praise Report from Japan

Happy Easter.  Jesus is risen!!  Easter Sunday is probably the most important Christian event each year as we celebrate our Lord Jesus’ victory over death.  Now it’s even more exciting when we can witness that victory through the new lives birthing into the Kingdom.  So on Sunday, April 8, there are seven people declaring their faith through water baptism: Yi Chang (益昌), his wife Yu Ju (玉如), their son Wei Chieh (韋傑), their daughter Jo Yun (若韵), Yu Ju’s mother Chin-Lan (金蘭), Sharon (月霞), and Vern & Dee’s 2nd boy Joseph.  Six of them will be baptized in beautiful Kahala Beach Park and Joseph will be baptized at church in the evening.  So please come to the beach baptism at 11:30am and give your love and support to these “new-born babies” in the Kingdom!

Also, come to the 5pm service as well and listen to their powerful testimonies.  Invite your friends to come as well, and please let Pastor Mei Li know how many friends are coming so we would know how much food we should prepare.  If you are bringing a dish to share in the evening, please also let Pastor Mei Li know so she can coordinate.

In addition to the exciting celebration that we are having here in Hawaii, I want to let you know God is also doing wonderful thing in Japan as well.  Please read Brian & Yuka’s praise report below, and let us rejoice together on both sides of the Pacific!



——Praise report from our missionaries in Japan—–

Hi, everyone.

My sister just called me that my brother in-law’s grandmother accepted Jesus as a personal Savior!!!
She is 85yrs old.
My sister wrote her testimony last year and shared with in-law’s family.
Ever since she read it, she kept saying, I want to go to church and read bible.
My brother in law’s family lives in Ibaragi ( right by Tokyo).
Grandmother never traveled outside of Ibaragi, so he went to pick her up and brought her back to Sapporo.
Today, they went to church together and was baptized, too!
She said, I am 85yrs old and now I will live happy life!!!

Thank you for all your prayers for us and our family!
We are so excited that so many new friends will be baptized tomorrow, too.
We can’t be there, but we will be united in the Spirit.

Love, joy and peace

Yuka & Brian