Pastor David Lin Revival Conference


Pastor David Lin will come to New Life to ignite the Spirit’s fire in us again this year! If you have gotten off to a slow start thus far in 2014, come and drink from the fountain of the Spirit with us. The water Jesus gives is more refreshing than any energy drink, and it will quench the thirst in your soul. Or if you are fighting that back pain, chronic headache, or other illnesses, come and receive the healing touch of God. He desires to restore your health, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. We welcome you and your family to join us in this feast in the Father’s house.

Meetings starts at 6pm on Thursday, Jan. 16 and at 5pm on Sunday, Jan. 19. More details please see the attached flyer (thank you Andrew for the design!). Please use this to invite your friends and family to join us!



09/23/2012 主日信息 Sunday Message

Cindy Anderson of YWAM Frontier Missions South Asia shared a vision of supernatural increase in the harvest for the Kingdom of God and called us to join a prayer army of 1,000.  青年使命團南亞宣教前線的 Cindy Anderson 分享神國度豐收將經歷超自然增長的異象並呼召我們加入千人禱告大軍。

Link to PowerPoint slides 投影片連結
Link to short video clip 短片連結

Revival Conference with Pastor David Lin on June 28, 30, & July 1

We are delighted to announce that Pastor David Lin is coming back to Hawaii to minster at New Life ICF once again on  June 28th (Thursday), 30th (Saturday), and July 1st (Sunday)!  Many of our brothers and sisters have been blessed by Pastor David Lin this January, and lives were transformed, bodies healed.  As Pastor David said himself, it’s not his doing, but it’s Jesus doing these signs and wonders with him.  So if you desire to experience breakthrough in your life and ministries, come to the revival meetings with Pastor David Lin, and invite your friends and family to come.  Here is a flyer that you can use to tell people about the event and the speaker.

Healing & Revival Gatherings with Pastor David Lin on Jan. 8, 12, and 15

Happy New Year! At the beginning of 2012, New Life have invited Pastor David Lin to spark the Holy Spirit fire to kick start the New Year.  We will have three meetings with Pastor Lin, on Sundays of 1/8 and 1/15 starting at 5pm; and on Thursday of 1/12 starting at 6pm.  Please see the flyer for more information about Pastor Lin.  And if you still want more information of Pastor Lin’s ministry, you can go to his website (English site link; 中文網站連結).  Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to come as well!



韓國世界路金蘭教會復興之路- 六年從10到7000人之神蹟!

六年來, 從12人增長到6000人, 不僅是人數增長,

藉由禱告, 在主沒有難成的事, 復興需要我們的靈魂甦醒