Update from Hachinohe

Konnichiwa ( Hello )!
Brian and I would like to share some updates on us.

We would like to thank each every one of you for sending us aloha shirts. We delivered them to a gathering of 37people of Tohoku region on 3/23.

Special thanks to the following people……

Linda- we are so glad that the Lord put in your heart to send woman’s aloha shirts. They really loved them. Please see the following article on us.
You will see Linda’s aloha shirts on the paper!
To me, this was a symbol of love of God that was expressed through the gifts you sent!

Kevin & Shirley- You two initiated to send us Hawaiian caps last year.
We finally got to bless people through the gift!

We also brought Hawaiian coasters, name tags sent by Pastor Mei Li last year.
May the Lord bless you all for what you have done!

When our friend, Mayumi invited us to the gathering, she warned us not to share anything about Christianity. I guess we are not allowed to share the faith of any religion at public meeting in Japan.
We were asked to give a speech, so we seek the Lord what we should share.We felt He wants them to know that they are NOT forgotten. People in Hawaii still care about them and pray for them. Even we can’t share about Jesus, if we focus on love, He abides in us (1 John 4:12)
I saw people crying during the speech given by Brian, we believed that the Lord was touching them.
These 37 people were forced to move from their homes due to a radiation or loss of homes. Many people were willing to share their pains, concerns, and fears with us.
We also asked the Lord before the meeting, “Please bring people whom you want us to connect with”… And He did!
Mr Fukuda and his family were forced to evacuate from Fukushima because his house was situated in the area of high radiation.
He approached us because he wanted to discuss about radiation problems in Fukushima. During the conversation, he mentioned a Christian pastor who is against the restarting of the nuclear plant. So we said, we are Christians, too! Then he said ” I went to a seminary school, but I couldn’t follow regulations of the denominationI used to belong to , so I stopped being a Christian.
He invited us to his home because he wanted to talk to us more. We met his wife and mother in-law. His wife, Hiroko, also used to be a Christian, but she does not want to believe in Jesus anymore.
She has been in depression since 3/11. We felt the Lord wants to bring them back to Him. He sees their pains and wants to reach out to them. We are so grateful that we can be there for them. We decided to get together time to time. Please add Mr & Mrs Fukuda in your prayer.

Ah, we finally purchased a car 2 days ago! Thank U for all your prayers. This car was 10 yrs old, but unbelievably in a good, I mean a perfect condition.
When the Lord gives us something, He does give us the best.
It was a worthwhile waiting!

We have 2 more students for English lessons.
Their names are Shizuka and Riko. We are excited for more opportunity to share about Jesus.

We were also asked to teach Sunday School and lead a small group at a local church we have been visiting. Please continue to pray for the unity among us. It has been an amazing journey how the Lord opens a door.
Brian and I are so humbled by His goodness.
Your prayer, support and love allows us to be where we are!
Until next time……

Much love,
Brian & His scribe, Yuka

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