Update from Hachinohe

Konnichiwa ( Hello )!
Brian and I would like to share some updates on us.

We would like to thank each every one of you for sending us aloha shirts. We delivered them to a gathering of 37people of Tohoku region on 3/23.

Special thanks to the following people……

Linda- we are so glad that the Lord put in your heart to send woman’s aloha shirts. They really loved them. Please see the following article on us.
You will see Linda’s aloha shirts on the paper!
To me, this was a symbol of love of God that was expressed through the gifts you sent!

Kevin & Shirley- You two initiated to send us Hawaiian caps last year.
We finally got to bless people through the gift!

We also brought Hawaiian coasters, name tags sent by Pastor Mei Li last year.
May the Lord bless you all for what you have done!

When our friend, Mayumi invited us to the gathering, she warned us not to share anything about Christianity. I guess we are not allowed to share the faith of any religion at public meeting in Japan.
We were asked to give a speech, so we seek the Lord what we should share.We felt He wants them to know that they are NOT forgotten. People in Hawaii still care about them and pray for them. Even we can’t share about Jesus, if we focus on love, He abides in us (1 John 4:12)
I saw people crying during the speech given by Brian, we believed that the Lord was touching them.
These 37 people were forced to move from their homes due to a radiation or loss of homes. Many people were willing to share their pains, concerns, and fears with us.
We also asked the Lord before the meeting, “Please bring people whom you want us to connect with”… And He did!
Mr Fukuda and his family were forced to evacuate from Fukushima because his house was situated in the area of high radiation.
He approached us because he wanted to discuss about radiation problems in Fukushima. During the conversation, he mentioned a Christian pastor who is against the restarting of the nuclear plant. So we said, we are Christians, too! Then he said ” I went to a seminary school, but I couldn’t follow regulations of the denominationI used to belong to , so I stopped being a Christian.
He invited us to his home because he wanted to talk to us more. We met his wife and mother in-law. His wife, Hiroko, also used to be a Christian, but she does not want to believe in Jesus anymore.
She has been in depression since 3/11. We felt the Lord wants to bring them back to Him. He sees their pains and wants to reach out to them. We are so grateful that we can be there for them. We decided to get together time to time. Please add Mr & Mrs Fukuda in your prayer.

Ah, we finally purchased a car 2 days ago! Thank U for all your prayers. This car was 10 yrs old, but unbelievably in a good, I mean a perfect condition.
When the Lord gives us something, He does give us the best.
It was a worthwhile waiting!

We have 2 more students for English lessons.
Their names are Shizuka and Riko. We are excited for more opportunity to share about Jesus.

We were also asked to teach Sunday School and lead a small group at a local church we have been visiting. Please continue to pray for the unity among us. It has been an amazing journey how the Lord opens a door.
Brian and I are so humbled by His goodness.
Your prayer, support and love allows us to be where we are!
Until next time……

Much love,
Brian & His scribe, Yuka

Update from Hachinohe

Aloha! Dear sisters and brothers of New Life ICF.
Brian and I pray that 2013 will be the year of full of His joy, peace and love!
We would like to share some updates on us.

Editor of Hawaii Houchi ( ハワイ報知)contacted us after he read the article that Kumi wrote .
Somehow he found it in the Daily News paper website. Again, God is beyond our understanding…
Instead of being happy about it, my ( Yuka ) first reaction was ” I was nervous”.
I did not realize that I felt shame after being turned down by NHK Aomori ( TV program).
I felt that what Brian and I have been trying to do would not be recognized by people in JPN.
I realized that I was trying to make myself  look bigger than who I am.
After talking with God, and repented, I asked Him ” If this is your will for me to share, please help me to write.”
I felt so much freedom after that and I could write freely.( I attached a copy of the news paper.)
I shared about both of our good and uncomfortable experiences since we moved to Hachinohe also, how people are still struggling in Tohoku.
Even though we can’t do anything big, or might not be recognized, if we are allowed to care and help one person,
we want to be there for that person. Because we believe what the bible says, ” Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored. And I have loved you.” We wanted to share His heart of how precious we are!
Surprisingly, he did not edit  any part of the article. I thanked the Lord for the opportunity and received another freedom in my heart!

The Lord has been bringing more people into our lives. We have been praying for more people, but the way He does things is always unexpectedly.We can never out think our God.
I want to list the names of people who need prayer. None of them are saved yet, so please pray with us for their salvation.
Please pray for me and Brian that we only do what the Lord wants us to do. If possible could you pray Colossians 1:9-12 for us.
One of the things that disappoints us is when people praise us we don’t want them to focus on us ,but want them to see Jesus!

Here is the list of our friends in Hachinohe

1. Yuko ( she takes English lesson from us)
2. Kozue, Shinsei(8yrs) and Yuzuki ( 7yrs) ( 2 children take English lesson from us) f
3. Shigeki Nakui
4. Haruka & Chris
5. Saka-san
6. Ayako-san
7. Mr& Mrs Hasegawa
8. Mayumi-san and Aika
9. Mr & Mrs Takada
10. Tony & Coco
11. Ritsuko
12. Kumi
13. Sachiki & Kimio

We received a letter from Kumi. She said that she felt so light and warm when she came to Hawaii. She really appreciates each and everyone of you, especially Pastor Mei LI.  What Pastor Mei Li prayed for her really made an impact in her heart.
She realized that life is not all about work or success. She was given a chance for promotion after she came back from Hawaii.
She said she was very happy, but turned it down.
Because she wants to re-evaluate her life to seek what she really should do in her life.
Please pray that the seed we planted will continue to grow in her heart.

Lastly we want to share the note from a book called ” The Emotionally Healthy Church” by Peter Scazzero.
This is what Brian & I have been experiencing since we moved to JPN. We felt sometime we were going backwards…
Thanks to the faithful God who gives us comfort when we need.
We thought this might help and encourage some of you.

” God the Divine Archaeologist”
As we progress in the Christian life, we find that it is a never-ending process. We go back, breaking some destructive power of the past. Then later, on a deeper level, God has us return to the same issue on a more profound level. I suspect more conversions will follow for me in the years to come. Thomas Keating  compares God’s work in us to a Middle Eastern tell, or archaeological site, in which one civilization is built on another in the same place. Archaeologists excavate level by level, culture by culture, down through history. The Holy Spirit is like a divine archaeologist digging through they layers of our lives.

The Spirit intends to investigate our whole life history, layer by layer, throwing out the junk and preserving the values that were appropriate to each stage or our human development… Eventually, the Spirit begins to dig into the bedrock of our earliest emotional life…. Hence as we progress toward the center where God is actually waiting for us, we are naturally going to feel that we are getting worse. This warns us that the spiritual journey is not a success story or a career move. It is rather a series of humiliations of the false self.

God  uses disorienting events and experiences to do a profound inner work in us. Every spiritual journey takes us to the hardest realities in our lives, the monsters within us, our shadows and strongholds, our willful flesh, and our inner demons. It is essential that we understand these enemies within us or we will inevitably project them outward on to other people”

In Him
Brian & his scribe, Yuka

Hawaii Houchi

10/21/2012 特別信息 Special Message

Yuka & Brian Nakatsuka, our missionaries to Japan, shared what they have learned through their ministries in Japan, and they thanked brothers and sisters in New Life for the supports and prayers.

10/14/2012 特別信息 Special Message

Brian Nakatsuka, our missionary to Japan, shared how God used him and Yuka to minister in Japan and Hualian, Taiwan.  He also shared what they received from God while attending training schools in Banner Church.

Update from Hachinohe

It has been almost 8 months since we moved to Hachinohe. It is already September, but still very hot and humid…

We must say summer is harder than winter because we don’t have AC at our apartment.
We realized AC is such a luxury item!

We would like to thank you especially to those who sent us care packages and encouraging words through letters and e-mails.
Thank you for your continuous prayers. Brian and I always remember each of you in our prayers, too.

Brian and I started to teach private Enligh conversational classs since July. We have been praying for more opportunities to share the gospel, not the opportunity for the job. However the Lord has somethings in His mind and started to open a door for us to pray and share the gospel to our students.So far, He has brought us two students.
One of the students is physical therapist. she injured her neck when she carried a patient. She could not turn her neck.
Brian prayed for her and instantly she could move her neck. Praise the Lord!
We told her “anytime she has pain, your teacher ( Brian) will pray for you” She did not know the word of “pray”, but now she does!
BTW, her name is Yuko Nakanishi.

The other student is Rio Takada. She takes lesson with her husband.
When we prayed at home before the lesson, Brian told me that we should ask them if we could pray and bless the lesson.
I did not want to do it because I felt that is too much for the first lesson….
Then the Holy Spirit reminded me why He told me this.. while I was putting on make-up 2hrs earlier , He told me in Japanese ”恐れるな、私がついてる”(Do not fear, I am with you).
At that time I told the Lord, ” I don’t really fear anything right now”…
He knew exatly how I will feel about praying at the lesson, so I thanked the Lord and asked Him to give me His peace.
The class went well. After the class, Rio started to share her struggles in her marriage and it turned out 1hr half marriage counseling.
He allowed us to share what Bibles says about marriage, forgiveness and etc. It was amazing!
At the end we could pray again and bless our marriages.
Please pray with us that He will continue to soften their heart and open their eyes to Jesus.

We also have been keeping touch with Kumi (news reporter).
She interviewed us three times and she is trying to put the article in news paper. It has been cancelled since the article is not priority.
If this is His will, He knows the perfect timing!
Kumi has been facing some challenges in her life and started to ask us what she should do.
We have been sharing scriptures with her and praying for her.

We have been sharing scriptures more with people because we see how powerful His words ministers to believers and non-believers.
One of my friends accepted Jesus two months ago through Skype. One of Brian’s friend who drifted away from the Lord decided to come back to Him last month. Brian has been communicating with him through Facebook. Thanks to wonderful technology!
Everytime they share their problems, we asked the Lord how we can encourage them through His words.
He says in Isaiah 55:11 ” So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it”.
His words are alive and break the yokes of darkness.

And He has been pruning our hearts, too. What He has been doing for both of us sums up in this scripture..
” And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness to humble you and, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not” ( Deuteronomy 8:2)

When we face challenges and inconvinences, it really shows what we are made of.
He has been challenging us to see what is really in our hearts in everyday life. If we can’t be obedient to small things, He can’t give us bigger things. We don’t always like to face ugly side of own self, but we know He does this because He loves us.
He desires us to grow to be like His son, Jesus ( Romans 8:29).

Let’s continue to enjoy our jouney in Him and be the light to the lost as His precious children!

In Him
Brian and his scribe, Yuka

Updates from Hachinohe

Konbanwa (Good evening).

Spring is finally here and we just  enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms.
Thank you for praying and fasting with us. He is definitely answering your prayers and helping us to grow in Him.

We want to share what the Lord has done last month.

4/17- We met Kumi ( a reporter of Daily news paper) for dinner and spend about 4hrs together.
The Lord led me to share about my (Yuka) testimony, how the Lord has been healing me physically and emotionally.
When I shared my struggles to forgive people who has hurt me, He opened up her heart to share her struggles.
She has been struggling not to be able to forgive someone in her life, because of this, she was hospitalized twice.
We could share why God tells us to forgive and she was listening and receiving.
Before we left, Brian asked her if he could pray for her and she said ” yes”.
After the prayer, Kumi said ” this is the first time that she experiences the power of prayer!!
She felt like we did some tricks on her?!?!?
We thanked the Lord what He has done for her and prayed that the seed continues to grow in her heart.

4/22- We have been visiting ” Hachinohe Christian Church”. This church is open to the Holy Spirit and  welcomed us to worship with them . That day, one of church members was having a stiff neck. She was in pain and unable to turn her neck.
Brian prayed for her and He healed her instantly! Praise the Lord!!

After the service, we stopped by MIharuya department store. We met Tadanori-san who was selling seafood products from Hokkaido.
He is originally from Sapporo, same as me.
We shared we are Christians and why we are here, etc. Then he told us that he met a Christian couple last year. They were very nice to help him. He felt like his life got better after he met them. They also gave him a bible.
He started to ask us about Christianity. We talked for a while and Brian asked him if we could bless him.
He said ” yes”, so Brian prayed for him.
He was the very first person whom we prayed in public. This really encouraged us!

4/23- We went back to see Tadanori because we wanted to give him a care package.
We shared about Jesus again and asked him if he wanted to receive Him as his personal Savior.
He nodded, so we asked him to pray with us.
He tried to do it, but he realized that people were watching. He did not want his co-workers and customers think he was weird…..
We told him that we could pray on the phone together.
We tried to call him, but he was unavailable. We received a e-mail from him a couple days after that he would come back to Hachinohe again, so he would contact us later.
He has an interesting job. He travels through out Japan, selling his products at department stores.
He stays at each place for about 1 week.
We will continue to pray for the perfect time for him to receive Jesus!

We have been giving  care packages to several people whom we met at stores.
A couple days ago, we went to Taiwan shave ice place and bought a bubble tea drink.
Then I realized I left my wallet at home………..
The lady was so nice and said, ” That’s ok, you can have this tea for free”.
I went back home, picked up my wallet, paid for the drink, and gave a care package to her.
We pray this will open a door for us to share about Jesus with her.
We continue to pray the Lord will bring more people into our lives, so we can share about Jesus and pray with them!

Right now, He is not opening a door for us to go to different areas like Fukushima, Iwate or Miyagi.
We believe He called us to be in Japan and be the light for the lost, but we are also realizing that He is inviting us to have deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.
We started to do bible study together everyday. His words are so powerful and ministers to our soul and spirit.
“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” ( 1 Peter 3:15 )

Japan is not easy place to share the gospel, but if we continue to develop an intimate relationship with Him, they will see the differences in us. We pray that people whom we encounter will want to have what we have in Him!

Yuka & Brian

Updates from Brian & Yuka

Konnichiwa!(Hello in Japanese)

Please share this with our New Life family.

Thank you for praying for us. We had such a great time in Aomori.
We went to visit Mayumi and Aika Shinkawa who lives in a temporary apartment in Aomori.
They are originally from Fukushima, but because of radiation, they decided to live in Aomori until Aika finishes high school.
They came to Hawaii last year through Aloha Initiative and stayed 3weeks.
Their host family was Christian. When this family found out that we are moving to Hachinohe through our mutual friend, they asked us to visit them.

3/19/12 Mayumi-san picked us up from train station and took us to her place. She prepared lunch, it was yummy.
She shared with us how this 1 year went by. We felt so overwhelmed by the need of people, financially, physically and emotionally.
We decided to go to dinner and she also invited her friend , Kumi Suzuki.
Kumi is a reporter for news paper ( 毎日新聞)。
We shared with her that we are Christian , why we are here and etc. She told us she has been researching about Christian artist、Seiichi Konnno(昆野清一)。She has been fascinated by his belief and faith. We will have his exhibition in Hachinohe next month.
She said she wants to talk to us more and she is thinking about  writing an article about us for the news paper!
This will be a great opportunity  to share about Jesus!!

3/20 Mayumi took us around for sightseeing. She looked a little up-tight. She refused us to pay for anything because we treated them for dinner. She kept telling us ” I am ok, I have enough help”…. I felt that ahhhhhh maybe we should not have treated her because now she feels shame and owes us something. But we continued to pray silently.
Both of us wanted to pray for her before we leave, but we were not sure.
On the way back to hotel, the Holy Spirit kept telling Brian to pray for her. When we got to the hotel, Brian asked her if he could pray for protection over her family. Surprisingly she said ” yes”.
Brian prayed and I translated for her. In the middle of  the prayer, I started to cry and Mayumi-san started to cry.
We could sense that the Lord allowed her to cry and release her burden. She has been trying so hard to stay strong for her daughter.
We hugged and told her that we will continue to pray for her and her family and want to be there for her whenever she needs help.
The Lord is so faithful!!

3/21 We had to go to the office to get re-entry Visa for Brian before going back to Hachinohe.
Mayumi-san called us and offered a ride to the office and train station.
She picked us up and went to the office. We found out that Brian does not need re-entry visa. This was another blessing from the Lord, we saved $60!
We went to lunch together and talked about 3hrs. She started to share about her marriage problems and told us that so many families are fallen apart after 3/11. She has her own support group in Aomori, mainly for woman who are separated from husband in Fukushima and live in Aomori.
5 women in her group are thinking to divorce because of husband’s unfaithfulness.
Most people decided to leave Fukushima for the children’s sake, but people who stays in Fukushima feel like they betrayed them by leaving the city. There are so much anger and hatred among people….
When Mayumi-san came to Hawaii, she went to Hope Chapel West Oahu. She  enjoyed the worship and fellowship and told us if we could start the church like that, it will be good for people.
She looked very relaxed, more open and receptive. We really thanked the Lord how He softened her heart.
We prayed together again and lifted up all the needs and concerns.
We believe He will continue to touch her heart and she will see Jesus clearly one day!

Thank you for all your prayers and the care packages from New Life ICF.
We gave the care packages to Mayumi, Aika and Kumi. They were very happy and touched by it.
We will continue to pray for more opportunity to bless new friends in Japan.
We will attach some photos of this trip.
1st picture: from left: Aika, Mayumi and Kumi

Love, peace and joy!!
Brian & Yuka