Pray for Hindus 為印度教徒禱告!

Last month the Director of YWAM Frontier Missions South Asia, Cindy Anderson, came and shared their ministries. Many of us responded to pray with them. Starting Tuesday (10/16) was the Hindu festival of Navratri. This festival will last for nine nights and Christians are encouraged to pray for the believers of Hinduism during this festival of heightened spiritual activities. Pray that they will be shown the gospel truth and the salvation through Jesus Christ and be freed from darkness and spiritual oppression. Here is a prayer guide teaching Christians how to pray during the Navratri festival period: Prayer Guide (click to download). Let’s intercede together for our brothers and sisters still in Hinduism!

上個月青年使命團的南亞宣教前線的負責人 Cindy Anderson 來分享他們的事工異象,許多弟兄姊妹回應她的呼召來與他們一起代禱。這個星期二 (10/16) 開始是印度教的九夜節 (Navratri) ,顧名思義,這個宗教節慶持續九個晚上;而基督徒則可以在這個節期當中為印度教徒來代禱。禱告讓他們能領受福音真理和從耶穌基督來的救恩,並從黑暗權勢的壓制下得自由。這裡有一份教導基督徒如何在九夜節期間代禱的指南:代禱指南 (抱歉只有英文的,請點擊下載) 。讓我們一起來為這些還在印度教裡面的弟兄姊妹們禱告吧!

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