Healing & Revival Gatherings with Pastor David Lin on Jan. 8, 12, and 15

Happy New Year! At the beginning of 2012, New Life have invited Pastor David Lin to spark the Holy Spirit fire to kick start the New Year.  We will have three meetings with Pastor Lin, on Sundays of 1/8 and 1/15 starting at 5pm; and on Thursday of 1/12 starting at 6pm.  Please see the flyer for more information about Pastor Lin.  And if you still want more information of Pastor Lin’s ministry, you can go to his website (English site link; 中文網站連結).  Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to come as well!



韓國世界路金蘭教會復興之路- 六年從10到7000人之神蹟!

六年來, 從12人增長到6000人, 不僅是人數增長,

藉由禱告, 在主沒有難成的事, 復興需要我們的靈魂甦醒

Jul./ Aug. Worship Songs Selection

曲目Song Listing

  1. 我們的神
  2. Our God
  3. Send Me
  4. 差我
  5. 主的愛
  6. Here Is Love
  7. I Give You My Heart
  8. 住在我心 (Dwelling In My Heart)
  9. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (奇異恩典)
  10. The Power of Your Love
  11. 祢愛的大能
  12. 愛我的天父
  13. A Loving Father

May/ June Worship Songs Selection

曲目Song Listing

  1. 序曲 (Intro)
  2. 榮美的神
  3. Beautiful One
  4. Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
  5. 讚美昇起
  6. 神的榮光充滿
  7. Shekinah
  8. I’ve Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
  9. Tell It to Jesus
  10. 當告訴耶穌
  11. 主,求你來恢復 (Lord, Come And Restore)
  12. 釋放屬天的能力 (Pour Out Your Power From On High)
  13. Consuming Fire (神的烈焰)
  14. I Offer My Life
  15. 主我獻上生命給祢
  16. 凡事都能做 (All Things Are Possible)

Worship Service 05/22/2011

Links to mp3 files of the May 22 worship service:

01 嘗嘗主恩 O Taste And See

02 I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy Joy

03 神羔羊配得 Worthy Is The Lamb

04 勝於塵土 More Than Ashes

05 主我獻上生命給祢 I Offer My Life

New Service Time on Sunday 5pm

Starting today (5/1), our worship services will change from Saturday evenings to Sunday afternoons (5pm)!  After 7 years of gathering on Saturdays, the Lord has now opened door for us to meet on Sundays.  I believe this change also mark a shift, a breakthrough even, in the spirit realm!  Praise the Lord!!

Another change that comes with the change of service time is no more dinner served before worship.  It is a new season, and the Lord is doing new things.  We need to adjust according to the newness of this season and follows the Spirit more closely.  For the old wineskin is no longer fit for the new wine.  Yes, Lord, we want Your new oil and new wine!  Pour it out, and fill us until we can’t take it anymore!

And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins.” (Mark 2:22, NKJV)

Mar./ Apr. 2011 Worship Songs Selection

曲目Song Listing:

  1. Shine Jesus Shine
  2. 哦!主發光
  3. 耶穌祢醫治 (Jesus, You Heal)
  4. 靠著耶穌得勝 (Victory In Jesus’ Name)
  5. 祢真配得榮耀
  6. You Deserve The Glory
  7. Dwelling Places
  8. 奇妙居所
  9. Healer
  10. 醫治者
  11. Still
  12. 安靜
  13. Eden (伊甸)
  14. Aaronic Blessing (亞倫的祝禱)

Healing & Deliverance Conference Recap

New Life International Christian Fellowship invited Pastor Tony & Tina Chong and Tina’s sister Lily from Sozo Ministries last month to teach and minister in the area of healing and deliverance.  The Lord has imparted much understandings and anointing through them.  Many people were healed and set free; others were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gift of tongues.  Praise the Lord!

Here are the links to download the mp3 and handout files for the seminars:
Seminar #1 (MP3, Ch) (Handout)
Seminar #2 (MP3, Ch) (Same handout as seminar #1)
Seminar #3 (MP3, En/Ch) (Handout)
Seminar #4 (MP3, Ch) (Handout)
Seminar #5 (MP3, En/Ch) (Handout) (Prayer)
Seminar #6 (MP3, Ch) (Handout) (Prayer)
Seminar #7 (MP3, Ch) (Handout)
Seminar #8 (MP3, Ch) (Handout)
Seminar #9 (MP3, Ch) (Handout) (Pryaer)
Seminar #10 (MP3, Ch) (Handout)
Q&A Session (MP3, En/Ch)

Below is a short clip of the seminar on the last evening (3/27/2011):



Jan./ Feb. 2011 Worship Songs Selection

曲目Song Listing

  1. *嘗嘗主恩
  2. **O Taste And See
  3. **Hiding Place
  4. *避難所
  5. **Better Is One Day (在祢的院宇)
  6. **Here I Am To Worship (我在這裡敬拜)
  7. *得釋放 (You Have Set Me Free)
  8. 禱告一直到成就 P.U.S.H.
  9. *耶穌萬國的盼望
  10. **Hope Of The Nations
  11. *以利亞的日子
  12. **Days Of Elijah
  13. *新天地 (New Heaven And New Earth)
  14. *這一生最美的祝福 (The Gift Of Knowing You)
  15. *賜福與你 (Blessings Of God Be Upon You)

星號 (*) 標記為中文詩歌。
雙星號(**) 標記為英文詩歌。

An asterisk symbol (*) denotes a Chinese song.
A double asterisk symbol (**) denotes an English song.

Chinese New Year Celebration Service, 2/5/2011

Mark your calendar!  New Life Church is celebrating the 2011 Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 5th.  You are invited to come celebrate with us.  Dinner will starts on 5:30pm and the service/program will begin at 6:30pm.  Invite your friends and family to come too!  Happy New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!!