Updates from Hachinohe

Konbanwa (Good evening).

Spring is finally here and we just  enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms.
Thank you for praying and fasting with us. He is definitely answering your prayers and helping us to grow in Him.

We want to share what the Lord has done last month.

4/17- We met Kumi ( a reporter of Daily news paper) for dinner and spend about 4hrs together.
The Lord led me to share about my (Yuka) testimony, how the Lord has been healing me physically and emotionally.
When I shared my struggles to forgive people who has hurt me, He opened up her heart to share her struggles.
She has been struggling not to be able to forgive someone in her life, because of this, she was hospitalized twice.
We could share why God tells us to forgive and she was listening and receiving.
Before we left, Brian asked her if he could pray for her and she said ” yes”.
After the prayer, Kumi said ” this is the first time that she experiences the power of prayer!!
She felt like we did some tricks on her?!?!?
We thanked the Lord what He has done for her and prayed that the seed continues to grow in her heart.

4/22- We have been visiting ” Hachinohe Christian Church”. This church is open to the Holy Spirit and  welcomed us to worship with them . That day, one of church members was having a stiff neck. She was in pain and unable to turn her neck.
Brian prayed for her and He healed her instantly! Praise the Lord!!

After the service, we stopped by MIharuya department store. We met Tadanori-san who was selling seafood products from Hokkaido.
He is originally from Sapporo, same as me.
We shared we are Christians and why we are here, etc. Then he told us that he met a Christian couple last year. They were very nice to help him. He felt like his life got better after he met them. They also gave him a bible.
He started to ask us about Christianity. We talked for a while and Brian asked him if we could bless him.
He said ” yes”, so Brian prayed for him.
He was the very first person whom we prayed in public. This really encouraged us!

4/23- We went back to see Tadanori because we wanted to give him a care package.
We shared about Jesus again and asked him if he wanted to receive Him as his personal Savior.
He nodded, so we asked him to pray with us.
He tried to do it, but he realized that people were watching. He did not want his co-workers and customers think he was weird…..
We told him that we could pray on the phone together.
We tried to call him, but he was unavailable. We received a e-mail from him a couple days after that he would come back to Hachinohe again, so he would contact us later.
He has an interesting job. He travels through out Japan, selling his products at department stores.
He stays at each place for about 1 week.
We will continue to pray for the perfect time for him to receive Jesus!

We have been giving  care packages to several people whom we met at stores.
A couple days ago, we went to Taiwan shave ice place and bought a bubble tea drink.
Then I realized I left my wallet at home………..
The lady was so nice and said, ” That’s ok, you can have this tea for free”.
I went back home, picked up my wallet, paid for the drink, and gave a care package to her.
We pray this will open a door for us to share about Jesus with her.
We continue to pray the Lord will bring more people into our lives, so we can share about Jesus and pray with them!

Right now, He is not opening a door for us to go to different areas like Fukushima, Iwate or Miyagi.
We believe He called us to be in Japan and be the light for the lost, but we are also realizing that He is inviting us to have deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.
We started to do bible study together everyday. His words are so powerful and ministers to our soul and spirit.
“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” ( 1 Peter 3:15 )

Japan is not easy place to share the gospel, but if we continue to develop an intimate relationship with Him, they will see the differences in us. We pray that people whom we encounter will want to have what we have in Him!

Yuka & Brian

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