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Konnichiwa!(Hello in Japanese)

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Thank you for praying for us. We had such a great time in Aomori.
We went to visit Mayumi and Aika Shinkawa who lives in a temporary apartment in Aomori.
They are originally from Fukushima, but because of radiation, they decided to live in Aomori until Aika finishes high school.
They came to Hawaii last year through Aloha Initiative and stayed 3weeks.
Their host family was Christian. When this family found out that we are moving to Hachinohe through our mutual friend, they asked us to visit them.

3/19/12 Mayumi-san picked us up from train station and took us to her place. She prepared lunch, it was yummy.
She shared with us how this 1 year went by. We felt so overwhelmed by the need of people, financially, physically and emotionally.
We decided to go to dinner and she also invited her friend , Kumi Suzuki.
Kumi is a reporter for news paper ( 毎日新聞)。
We shared with her that we are Christian , why we are here and etc. She told us she has been researching about Christian artist、Seiichi Konnno(昆野清一)。She has been fascinated by his belief and faith. We will have his exhibition in Hachinohe next month.
She said she wants to talk to us more and she is thinking about  writing an article about us for the news paper!
This will be a great opportunity  to share about Jesus!!

3/20 Mayumi took us around for sightseeing. She looked a little up-tight. She refused us to pay for anything because we treated them for dinner. She kept telling us ” I am ok, I have enough help”…. I felt that ahhhhhh maybe we should not have treated her because now she feels shame and owes us something. But we continued to pray silently.
Both of us wanted to pray for her before we leave, but we were not sure.
On the way back to hotel, the Holy Spirit kept telling Brian to pray for her. When we got to the hotel, Brian asked her if he could pray for protection over her family. Surprisingly she said ” yes”.
Brian prayed and I translated for her. In the middle of  the prayer, I started to cry and Mayumi-san started to cry.
We could sense that the Lord allowed her to cry and release her burden. She has been trying so hard to stay strong for her daughter.
We hugged and told her that we will continue to pray for her and her family and want to be there for her whenever she needs help.
The Lord is so faithful!!

3/21 We had to go to the office to get re-entry Visa for Brian before going back to Hachinohe.
Mayumi-san called us and offered a ride to the office and train station.
She picked us up and went to the office. We found out that Brian does not need re-entry visa. This was another blessing from the Lord, we saved $60!
We went to lunch together and talked about 3hrs. She started to share about her marriage problems and told us that so many families are fallen apart after 3/11. She has her own support group in Aomori, mainly for woman who are separated from husband in Fukushima and live in Aomori.
5 women in her group are thinking to divorce because of husband’s unfaithfulness.
Most people decided to leave Fukushima for the children’s sake, but people who stays in Fukushima feel like they betrayed them by leaving the city. There are so much anger and hatred among people….
When Mayumi-san came to Hawaii, she went to Hope Chapel West Oahu. She  enjoyed the worship and fellowship and told us if we could start the church like that, it will be good for people.
She looked very relaxed, more open and receptive. We really thanked the Lord how He softened her heart.
We prayed together again and lifted up all the needs and concerns.
We believe He will continue to touch her heart and she will see Jesus clearly one day!

Thank you for all your prayers and the care packages from New Life ICF.
We gave the care packages to Mayumi, Aika and Kumi. They were very happy and touched by it.
We will continue to pray for more opportunity to bless new friends in Japan.
We will attach some photos of this trip.
1st picture: from left: Aika, Mayumi and Kumi

Love, peace and joy!!
Brian & Yuka

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