Jan./ Feb. 2011 Worship Songs Selection

曲目Song Listing

  1. *嘗嘗主恩
  2. **O Taste And See
  3. **Hiding Place
  4. *避難所
  5. **Better Is One Day (在祢的院宇)
  6. **Here I Am To Worship (我在這裡敬拜)
  7. *得釋放 (You Have Set Me Free)
  8. 禱告一直到成就 P.U.S.H.
  9. *耶穌萬國的盼望
  10. **Hope Of The Nations
  11. *以利亞的日子
  12. **Days Of Elijah
  13. *新天地 (New Heaven And New Earth)
  14. *這一生最美的祝福 (The Gift Of Knowing You)
  15. *賜福與你 (Blessings Of God Be Upon You)

星號 (*) 標記為中文詩歌。
雙星號(**) 標記為英文詩歌。

An asterisk symbol (*) denotes a Chinese song.
A double asterisk symbol (**) denotes an English song.

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